PR Friendly/STATS

I am PR Friendly! :)   I review family friendly products including, baby, toddler, toys, electronics, video games, clothing, beauty, household, gadget/tech., food, wine, liquor and more.

QueensNYCMom Stats as of Feb. 2014 and growing each month:

  • Twitter: 3919
  • Klout: 52
  • Facebook Fans: 5911
  • Email/RSS Readers: 624
  • Google Plus: 1466
  • Page Rank:      2
  • Pinterest:  1423
  • Instagram:  261
  • BlogLovin:   17
  • Networked Blogs:   389

For products offered in a giveaway, one item is tested for the review (value of $25+), and a second item is sent directly to the winner by the company. I will then provide personal photos and/or video of the product and publish the information on my blog, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter page etc..

NOTE the products sent to me for testing will not be returned.

During a giveaway on my blog I will have buttons to Like your page on which ever social media of your choosing.  It will generate high traffic and target the product you are selling and increase your followers.  

Once a winner is selected and confirmed I will provide you with their full name, shipping information and email address so you (the sponsor) ships their prize directly to them.

If you would like me to review your brand and/or sponsor a giveaway please contact me @  


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