Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quick and Easy #Tips for Baby Formula Scoops

If you have a baby, like I do, then you have formula cans in your home. I like to reuse things after I have used them. What I'm talking about is the little scoop in the cans.

I like to re-purpose these for different things such as:

1.  I use the scoop in my can of coffee. I pour the coffee into the coffee pot with it. Quick and easy with no mess.

2. I use the scoop in my sugar container. Since it is small its just the perfect size to fit and leave inside. Quick and easy super simple to use.

3. The scoop can be used in powder detergent as well. Quick and easy for no detergent (liquid or powder) on your hands. 

4. Give them to your child's teacher. They come in handy for painting projects and more. 

There are so many uses for these little scoops. The next time you go to throw it out, STOP think what you need to use a small spoon for and use this instead.  It takes up less space than a spoon. You can leave the little scoop inside and wash your spoons less often. If you have any tips that you would like to share leave me a comment on my blog, Facebook or Twitter.


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  2. I love to re-purpose things rather than clog the landfill. We have less items that can be recycled up here in Alaska compared to when we lived in Maryland. So, I'm forever trying to find new uses for things.

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  5. Never thought about that - I used to just pitch them with the cans, my son is now 6 so no need for Formula, but if we ever have another one, I will remember this for the future! :)

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    I used those little scoops for the same things you are currently using them for.

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    I use the scoops for my older kids' chocolate milk mix. :-)

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  8. With my babies all grown I miss the scoops from the formula! They are so useful for so many things! Hopping along tonight...Join my blog hop @ Parga's Junkyard!

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  14. re-using is so good for the environment and it saves you money too. thanks for bringing this to light! i re-use pasta jars too. dried beans, chocolate chips and spices look great in them and keep better.