Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Foursquare Black Friday 11/25/2011

So as most of you have seen and heard this Friday is BLACK FRIDAY. It is the official start to the holiday season. I just recently signed up to FOURSQUARE. What is FOURSQUARE? It is a venue locations that you check-in with your smartphone, ipad, and tablet etc... What I like about it is that it has specials you can find based on where you are. It uses GPS technology and searches areas around you for specials. Go to the explore button on your phone and select specials, you will see a list of stores in your area. An example, you check-in to your local mall and check-in it has special deals just for checking in with Foursquare. Let's say you check-in to Payless Shoe Sources through Foursquare you get 10% off your purchase. After that when you check-in again you get $5 off a $25 purchase. Cool isn't it. Well I just got an email that if you check-in to a store through your phone on Black Friday you will get some cool discounts only for Foursquare members.  Woo hoo love the discounts.  Keep rolling them in.  Enjoy your Black Friday


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