Monday, November 14, 2011

My Trip to Aldi's Food Market

Rego Center, Queens
Aldi Food Market is one of my favorite store to shop for groceries. As a mom, I'm always looking for a bargain on everything. There prices are fantastic, which helps me save alot of money especially in this economy.  This Aldi's is located in Queens at Rego Center.  The store does not take credit cards but does accept debit cards.  You also have to pay for the grocery bags which total .11 cents.

This weekend I came upon what I call a great discovery.  This market has a toy section. I just had to share this information with everyone.

Well don't you know my son was ecstatic with all the toys.  It was mommy I want this gift.  Wow!!!    Mommy I like this one the best.  I can go on and on.  There prices on toys were awesome. Just note the section for toys is not that big.

Aidan wanted to take pictures to show Santa exactly what he wanted for xmas.  I also saw a Toy Story toy that you could plug into the TV to play.  Yup, Aidan wanted that one too.  Aldi's is going to have Transformer toys for only $8.99, can't wait.  I will be doing some of my xmas shopping here because the prices are too good to pass up.   If you get the chance, stop by a store in your area and check out there specials.


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  2. I have not shopped at Aldi before, but have heard of the great deals. i will need to check out the one in my area. Thanks for the blog.

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    Regina, The Crazy Nuts Mom