Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#Review Spotlight Rockboard

Spotlight:: Rockboard :: #winnerwonderland

It is almost time for the Winner Wonderland Giveaway Event.  I am spotlighting my third sponsor, Rockboard.

My son, Aidan, has been asking me for a scooter for a while now.  Everywhere we go we see kids on scooters.  Before getting one for Aidan I did some research on some scooters.  I was not sold on any of them.  Until I got the chance to review the Rockboard Mini Scooter.

The Rockboard Scooter has two version, the original ages 8 + and up to 200 lbs.  The scooter can be used for cruising as a kick scooter or unleashed to pick up the pace with its advanced Rockboard Propulsion Technology. The original stands at an adjustable handlebar height of 48 inches, weighs in at 20.8 pounds.  It is available in white, orange, blue and pink finishes. The Original retails for $199.99 and can be purchased at Target.com and Toysrus.com.

And the mini scooter for ages 5 + and up to 90 lbs. Rockboard Mini, a smaller-kid version, incorporates revolutionary propulsion technology allowing this scooter to be ridden for hours without ever putting a foot on the ground. You can do this without kicking, batteries or gasoline. Rockboard Scooters come fully assembled and can be folded to compact size for storage.  The mini stands at an adjustable handlebar height of 38.5 inches, weighs in at 13.2 pounds.  The mini is available in white, blue and pink finishes. The Mini retails for $159.99 and can also be purchased at Target.com and Toysrus.com.

NOTE: For safe scooting, always wear proper safety gear, including helmet and pads.

My son loves his Rockboard Mini Scooter.  It is easy for him to maneuver. What I like is that it has a kick stand.  Other scooters fall on the floor while Rockboard Scooter stand and does not tip over. Since he has been sick, Aidan has not had the opportunity to ride it outsides as of yet.  But that has not stopped him from riding it inside the apartment.  This is a great graduation, communion, birthday, and Christmas gift.  You can purchase the Rockboard Scooter at Target HERE and  Toys R Us HERE     NOTE Selection and availability varies.

Win it!!! One of my reader can win the Rockboard Original Scooter in the Winner Wonderland Giveaway event.  Come back on Sunday, November 27, 2011 when the event begins.

***Disclaimer** The product featured in this review was provided free of charge for the purpose of the review, no compensation was received.  I have given my honest opinion which are my own.

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