Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TJ Maxx Shopping Trip

I love TJ Maxx.  Every time I shop there I get excited about what new things I will see.  This past weekend I took one of those shopping trips.  I went into the store looking for baby items and Christmas toys for my sister's kids and my own.  I went down to the kids area and BINGO.  I found a couple of toys for my son, Aidan.


I love to do a lot of comparison shopping.  My $$$ is extremely important to me especially when I have to stretch it out.   I shopped at Toys R Us and then went to Aldi's where I purchased a Cars 2 remote control Mater for $14.99.  This is currently retailing for $24.99.  I saved $10.00 which some might say is not alot but I can certainly buy food with it or clothes.  So every sales and/or deals really helps.


The prices at TJ Maxx were AWESOME.  Just check out some of the pictures I took.  I even got my hubby a gift since he is a die hard G.I. Joe fan.  After scanning the toy area, I moved on to the bedding, kitchen, and clothing aisle.  I love to check out there handbags.  I find many great deals here.  I bought a Coach handbag for $99.99 which retailed for $178.00 so I made a good bargain.

I also came upon a serendipitous find.  I unfortunately TJ Maxx did not have my shoe size for Coach shoes.   The price was a steal at $69.99 for each pair of Coach shoes.  I also got a package of cloth diapers for $3.99 for a set of 6. I use them as burping cloth as my baby is a tremendous spitter. All in all I had a good trip to TJ Maxx.  I can't wait for my next shopping adventure there.


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