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Flash #Giveaway Event Jan. 28 to Feb. 4

My wonderful sponsors for this event are Jaws (Just Add Water System) and ShaveWell Company.

Nowadays everyone is trying to become greener.  Reusing things that we once used to throw away. With a one family income, I have to look for many ways to make our families money stretch.  I had the opportunity to review Jaws (Just Add Water System) products.  It is fantastic.  I have used it on my windows, stove top, bathroom and used the Jaws Disinfectant Cleaner on my daughter's walker to clean her toys.  My daughter is 7 months old and she puts everything in her mouth.  It reduces the spread of infections as it cleans and disinfects the surfaces where bacteria and viruses live.

The Jaws (Just Add Water System) line uses one reusable, refillable bottle that comes along with a refill cartridge of powerful concentrate that, when mixed with water, makes an effective yet biodegradable cleaning solution.   There are four different products the Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser, Bathroom Cleaner/Deodorizer and Disinfectant Cleaner Degreaser.  For different types of uses click HERE.

These products are a win-win for your pockets and the environment.  Using JAWS® cleaners helps reduce plastic waste, conserve resources and saves you money, time and landfill space.


You can get your own home cleaning kit for only $19.99 to make a purchase visit Jaws (Just Add Water System) and use coupon code CLEAN for free shipping. You can also purchase Jaws (Just Add Water System) at these retailers below and more online.
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 Jaws (Just Add Water System) Products that I reviewed.
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Top ShaveWell Fogless mirror, Bottom is the old one

My husband used to complain to me that he needed to buy another mirror to shave.  After a couple of uses, the mirror would fog up and the suction would release and fall down.  It would also get scratch marks making it difficult to see after multiple uses. (See the picture above).

I got the chance to review the Fog Free Mirror from the ShaveWell Company a couple of weeks ago.  My hubby likes it very much.  The directions are easy to follow to set it up in your home. Simply peel and stick. That's it.  Just make sure when you stick it the wall is dry.

 Three reasons for those that like details about the mirror...

1.) The nature of fog itself! What is fog and what causes it? Fog is simply condensation caused when warmer water vapor from your shower comes in contact with a cooler mirror surface.  Logically, the water vapor in the shower is much warmer that the mirror hanging in your shower. If you can't equalize the temperatures of the water and the mirror will be fighting fog.   All it takes is 2-3 SECONDS under the spray for the mirror to warm up to the shower temperature...then no more fog! The Shave Well Company truly fog free shower shave mirror...fog eliminated!

2.) Suction cups don't suck! Anyone that has tried a fogless shower mirror held by suction cups will tell you that suction cups fail. They simply are an ineffective way to hold a mirror in the shower. The Shave Well Company mirror is held on the wall by an adhesive hook to securely hold your mirror to the wall.  Since the mirror can be easily removed from the hook, you can quickly equalize the temperature of the mirror and the water and never fight fog again.  

3.) Mirrors need to be cleaned. Water splatters around a shower. Shower shave mirrors get covered in that splatter. When splatter dries it creates water spots. Water spots make seeing yourself in a shower shave mirror more and more difficult over time. The Shave Well Company mirror easily removes from the hook for cleaning. Interestingly enough, toothpaste works the best to clean the mirror and make it look out of the box new again. The Shave Well Company truly fog free shower shave mirror...fog eliminated...stuck up...and easy to clean.

This would make a great valentine's day, birthday, graduation, college and father's day gift. The Fog Free Mirror retails for $9.99.  To make a purchase click HERE.  To keep up to date follow ShaveWell Company on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
WIN IT!! one of my readers will win the Fog Free Mirror that I reviewed.  Enter to win below.

Disclaimer:   The products in this review were provided to me free of charge for the purpose of this review, no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

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