Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 Areas To Avoid Getting Sick From The Flu

This winter season has been tough for everyone due to the #Flu. Everyone knows of someone that has the flu or had it. You may even know people who have gotten it multiple times this season already.

Five places you should try to avoid so you will not get sick this season:

  1. Touch screen self-service computers.

You might ask why to think about it someone is carrying the flu sneezes and then touches the screen passing their germs on to you. The screen can be found at the ATM, Supermarket, etc. Use gloves when coming in contact with one and hand sanitizer.

     2. An airplane bathroom.

Think about 50+ passengers in an airplane. enough said.

     3.  Refillable soap dispenser.

Germs attach to things that you touch and linger. You do not clean the public dispenser and multiple people touch them. These dispensers can be found in restaurants, cafeterias, mall etc. It is touched many times throughout the day so please use a napkin or paper towel when you are in contact with them.

     4. Restaurant tables

Tables come into contact with customers daily. Sometimes the tables are not cleaned every time someone new sits down. Think about the mall when you go eat the next time. The tables are dirty and germs linger. If you find a matron that cleans the tables ask them to wipe it down for you or carry your own Lysol wipes. Every bit helps to kill germs. 

     5.  Touching grocery carts.

Again we sneeze and cough into our hands and you use your hands to push the shopping cart. Your babies sometimes bite onto the handle bars. You get the picture. This is where carrying wipes with you helps. Keep your gloves on, once home if you can disinfect them do so. 

Please remember  to cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough. If possible wear a mask and disposable gloves. Carry a hand sanitizer with you and Lysol wipes. Every bit that we can do to stop the spread of germs will help stop the spread of the #flu.



  1. Very good tips. Especially carrying a small bottle of liquid hand sanitizer with you.

  2. Great tips. When I was a secretary I also learned to carry my own pencil or pen and not to let others use them. I take my own into the bank even today. It really helps cut down colds and flu.

  3. I'm terrified the family is going to get the flu. Crossing fingers we don't. I bought Purell towelettes and keep them in my purse. I'm constantly washing things down. We were in Walmart and my kids are always eating fruit and veggies with out washing them and I pointed out people sneezing and going through the fresh produce. They are now washing their snacks.

  4. Thanks for the great tips! Our local grocery store put in sanitized wipes to disinfect the carts.

  5. Never even thought about the touch screens at the supermarket! Ewww!! Thanks for the tips!

  6. Grocery carts are a big one - always gives me the heebie jeebies when babies use them as teethers lol.

  7. My hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes are my safe haven. I try to clean my iphone as often as possible.

  8. Also I think everyone should make sure to clean the knobs in and outside of their homes every few days during flu season. You'd be surprised how many germs accumulate on your front door knob and the knobs in your bathroom!

  9. Great tips! I try to simply wash my hands well throughout the day.

  10. Eww, I hate having to think about these things! lol. Touch screens are hard to avoid - and the credit card pens when checking out and elevator buttons - all ew, haha.

  11. I never really thought about some of those places, but you are definitely right. The germs are just lingering there. Great tips!

  12. Really great tips! We have had a huge outbreak of the flu. So many people have gotten it that it has made the news several times and people are being warned about limiting their contact with other people. I have already had the flu this year and really hope that is it for me.

  13. thanks for sharing these great tips! great article!

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