Thursday, February 27, 2014

DIY: Mickey Mouse Shape Eggs

Growing up I remember I would not eat things that looked funny. I was the pickiest eater and still am unfortunately.  Now my son is too.  He does not like most foods and I have to become very creative at getting him to eat.  

My daughter on the other hand loves eggs and I try different combinations so she does not tire of it.  My son, nonetheless does not like eggs UNTIL I cut out the Mickey shaped eggs.  I bought a cookie cutter shaped Mickey on Amazon and decided to use it on the egg omelette.  

All I did was scramble an egg and placed it in the pan as seen above.  I then placed the Mickey shaped cookie cutter within the egg and cut it out. I then placed them on a plate.  Very simple to do, just be careful as the cookie cutter is made of metal and gets hot.  Once my son saw the Mickey shaped eggs he wanted to try it.  From then on he now likes eggs. What we moms do to get out kids to eat.  You can try it on pancakes, sandwiches, fruits, and vegetables and see how your kids will love it too. 



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