Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#Review of Eu Natural Biotin 5000 mcg (Hair, Skin, & Nails)

With my first child my hair started falling out after I gave birth. I told my doctor and she said that was normal.  It tends to happen as your body is going through changes. My hair became very strong and thick and once I gave birth it was very weak.  My hair went back to its normal self after a couple of months. 

With my second pregnancy the same thing happen after I gave birth. I would get tons of hair that would fall out in chunks. I know that your hair falls out every day in small amounts. However, mine appeared to be large amounts.  Again I began to worry as the months past. I told my new doctor who said the same thing.   This time around my new doctor told me to take a vitamin and suggested Biotin. I started to research Biotin vitamins and saw that I could take this in order to make my hair more healthier and more stronger. Biotin vitamins are great for skin and nails too.

I just jumped at the opportunity to review the EuNatural Biotin 5000 MCG dietary supplement.  I got the bottle of Biotin 5000 mcg 120 tablets all vegetable. I really wanted to also see how my skin would look as I have adult acne and when the seasons changing or if I'm stressed I tend to break out.

My nails are soft and break easily so that was another reason why I wanted to take the Biotin vitamin to see if that would also strengthen my nails.

A little bit more about Biotin 5000 mcg vitamin is that this product from Eu Natural is made in the USA.  I love using product made in the USA. The product is a 100% vegetarian capsules. This product has zero fillers, zero binders, and zero artificial ingredients. It is also gluten,wheat, and dairy free.

I took one tablet daily with food.  I have been taking this vitamin for the last 2 to 3 weeks. I really haven't seen too much changes with my hair or nails.   The pill does not smell or have any scent at all. The capsule is small and easy to swallow. I haven't found any issues with taking it or any side effects.  My skin has cleared a little. I am still getting pimples but it has gone down slightly after using this product.  

You can purchase this product now through Amazon its on sale for $19.95.
Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. It is very important to ensure you take in all the vitamins your body needs. Glad you have found a way that works for you. I love that there are products to also help with hair, for me I was blessed with tons of it so I haven't had to look for anything for it yet. I wonder why your hair does that. Have the doctors explained why?

    1. My doctor told me this occurs after you give birth. Stress is also another reason why it can fall out. Trying different things to see what works better. This has slightly helped my acne. So that is good.

  2. it's such a convenient way to get everything our bodies need

  3. I'll have to see if I can take Biotin with my thyroid meds. Seems like a great vitamin to add to my regimen.

  4. I take a daily mutli vitamin every day!

  5. Everything changes after you have children. At 4 months post partum you begin losing your hair like crazy and you think you have some horrible illness. But it is really just because the hormones are finally filing out of your system so all that hair your stored/held onto is letting go. Anyway these sound like a great idea!

  6. I need to start taking extra biotin once I'm done nursing. My nails are so incredibly weak.

  7. My hair still isn't the same. I've heard people experience changes in texture, but I've lost like half the hair on my head.

  8. Interesting!! I've never heard about this until now

  9. I was just thinking the other day at how healthy my hair used to be. I'll check into this.

  10. You'll have to update us as more time goes on to see if any more changes happen.

  11. My hair has become so unhealthy the past four years or so. I'll have to check this out.