Tuesday, February 17, 2015

#Free Family Activities In Your Area

Home Depot Kids Workshop
Home Depot Kids Workshop

On the 1st Saturday of each month, Home Depot has kids workshops. You can register
online as well as in the store.  You will be directed to the area where the kids workshop is and sign up there. You are given a Home Depot apron for your child as well as the project with instructions. Home Depot provides the projects, hammer, glue including the paint & brushes all free.

Every month the item you build is different. I've gone to a couple and have helped my kids make a flower pot, birdseed feeder, and bird house with a wizard of oz theme. You help your child hammer, glue and paint there own creation. It's fun and at the end you get a certificate and pin. You can put the pin on your apron and collect a different one every month. The workshop starts at 9:00 am and ends at 12:00 pm. Totally FREE hands-on workshops; designed for children ages 5 - 12.  My daughter is 3 yrs old and I do the hard stuff like hammering and gluing and she can do the painting.  At the end we are all happy and that's what counts.  Home Depot also offers free workshops for adults, so check it out.

Lego Mini Model Build Ticket

On the 1st Tuesday of each month at your local Lego Store they have a monthly mini model build. It starts at 5:00 pm and goes until they run out. The mini Lego build are for children ages 6-14 only. Only one free mini build per child per month. If your child is not present you cannot get one as employees need to see them waiting on the line.   

How it works:

You will get on line and will be given a ticket with number on it. The Lego store starts letting people in at 5:00 pm. Get there early if you can and wait. The earlier the better as the lines get very long. A new themed mini model will be available every month. You will then be given a package to build your Lego inside the store. They let people in a certain number at a time. The package includes instruction of how to build your Lego and the staff is very helpful if you have any questions or need assistance. Once completed you can take it home. The Lego's that you get you can use with others if you have some. The more you go the more you will amass completely FREE.

Another plus side is they have a free magazine that you can get a 2 year subscription. Just sign up here or at your local Lego Store.  The magazine has many cool projects that you can build with your child.  It also has coupons, yay. 

This is another fun activity that my family enjoys to do.  You can find me waiting on line with my family as well at the Queens Center Mall. 



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