Sunday, October 18, 2015

4th Annual Holiday of Play #HoliPlay


I attended the 4th Annual Holiday of Play. Hosting this wonderful event was the Toy Insider and Woman's Day Magazine.  There were many brands present showcasing the hottest toys for this holiday season.


The first table was the Hot 20 Toys.  This included Disney, Skylanders, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Shopkins, Elmo and more.  With the Star Wars The Force Awakens set to hit theaters this December the LightSaber have been sold out at some toy stores.  Star Wars are definitely the Hot Toy all kids big and small will want.

Descendants Dolls

Hot 20 Toys Table

Disney & Skylanders Video Games
Disney Doc McStuffins
TMNT Leonardo
TMNT Leonardo Opened

Star Wars Figures
Star Wars LightSaber

Elmo and Anita (QueensNYCMom)

Lego Dimensions

I had the pleasure of meeting the Toy Insider Mom, Laurie Schacht. After seeing her on television many times. As well as my blogging #bff NY MomStyle, Francisca.

Anita (QueensNYCMom) Laurie Schacht and Francisca (NY MomStyle)

ToyInsiderMom, Laurie Schacht and Anita (QueensNYCMom)

The next table was the Stem10.  This showcased all the engineering and science toys.  The Top Tech 12 table had all the tech gadgets.  I had fun being a kid again playing with all these toys.  I tried out the K'nex Wheel that turns.  The Laser Peg plane that light up and you can use with Lego's.

Stem10 Table

Top Tech 12

The Crayola Animation Studio is cool as you can color in the background. Next you place the animation guy and have him move anyway you want.  Then you can watch your own animation you create come alive on your tablet.  Stikbot toys are similar to the Crayola but it has more figures you can play with.

Zing StikBots

Jakks Toys

Jakks Remote Control Toys

Crayola Animation Studio
Crayola Animation Guy

Animation Alive on Tablet
Crayola Animation Inside Cover

Kurio Smart Windows Tablet
Luv'n Learn Friends
Lionel Batman Train
Lionel Crayola Train w/Track

I stopped by the Vtech table and had a chance to see the Vtech Watch, Camera and the InnoTV with Remote. 


So many toys so little time to see them all.  I felt like a child again playing with all these toys.  I know this Christmas shopping season will be hard for some. In my home it will be video games from Disney Infinity and Skylanders Superchargers.  I also see many Star Wars toys under the xmas tree this year as my husband is a huge fan.  

My wishlist for this #HoliPlay is the Star Wars Disney Infinity 3.0, Skylanders Superchargers, Kurio Smart Windows Tablet, Vtech Inno TV, Lionel Train Set, Stikbots to name a few.  

Before I go, I have to show you all the Pie Face game that I participated in at this event.  In the Pie Face game you spin the wheel to the number indicated.  Next you turn the knob and the winner who does not get pie face is the winner. I have to say, it tasted good.  In this demonstration we were all winners.  Thanks @theToyInsider @Hasbro for my goody bag for participating.  

Pie Face Game

Demonstrating Pie Face Game

I had a wonderful time at the 4th Annual Holiday of Play Event. Thank you to the Toy Insider and Woman's Day for hosting.  Thank you for the goody participant bag and Swag Bag.

Thank you @thetoyinsider and @womansday

I received the goodies below for attending the event.  

Goody Bag

Can't wait to see you all at Blogger Bash in July I'm going.   



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