Monday, October 26, 2015

#Review Dream Frenz - Holiday Gift Guide #HGG

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I first saw the Dream Frenz at the TTPM Toy Event in September.  What caught my eye was all the wonderful colors.  The big eyes and smiles of each pillow. It was created by a girl based on her sketches. Her sister had taken some sewing classes and the first sample was born.  Her mom took the drawings and turned it into Dream Frenz.  

What are Dream Frenz?

Dream Frenz are soft and cuddly pillows that your child can rest on at night. Each one is different and have big round heads, smiles and tiny bodies that tuck inside! It's like having a secret compartment to hide your goodies in.  Dream Frenz currently have 10 different characters. They are all multi-cultural and add a fun time to your sleep.  They can take the place of all those stuffed animals, toys, dolls and pillows that you usually pack.  Dream Frenz can also camouflage as they have a decorative fabric in the back and can hide in plain sight as an accent pillow.

Brittany Dream Frenz
Brittany's Body 

Brittany Tucked Body
Brittany Hide-away Body Tuck In

Fabric In Back

I received the Brittany Dream Frenz to review and give my honest opinion.  My daughter took it out of the box and would not let go. She carried her everywhere she went. I tucked Ashley in bed and put Brittany right next to her.  I had to go into her room a couple of times as she was playing with her.  Yup, a dream friend indeed.  Afterwards she was sleeping peacefully with her Dream Frenz by her side.  

Ashley Tucking Brittany In

Playing with Brittany

I like Dream Frenz  as they are soft and snuggly.  My daughter wakes up sometimes at night. When she does its hard to get her to go back to sleep.  With her Dream Frenz she feels relaxed and drifts off to sleep eventually as she does play with her first before taking a nap or going to sleep.    

Asleep with Brittany
Here is a video about Dream Frenz. Are you stuck on what to give for birthdays or holidays? Give Dream Frenz its the perfect friend to dream with. 

You can follow Dream Frenz on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Instagram to stay connected and get the latest products and promotions. To make a purchase visit Dream Frenz.  Retail $24.00 recommended for kids 3 years and up.  


  1. Dream Frenz is so cute. Your daughter loves her Dream Frenz. I like they have pillows for girls and boys. I want to get one for my two year old. He never had a pillow before. He would just love a Dream Frenz. Thanks for letting me know about the cool and fun pillow.

  2. These look adorable! They might need to be added to my daughter's Christmas wish list. I love their big smiling faces and all the bright colors.