Saturday, October 3, 2015

#TTPM Holiday 2015 Toy Event in #NYC

I was happy to be invited to this year's TTPM Holiday Toy Event in NYC.  The must have toys were on full display.  I saw Star Wars, Barbie, Legos, and more. I like the Worry Eater and  Dream Frenz. Here is my recap of all of the cool toys from this event, some of which I had to take a picture with.  

Video games from Disney Infinity Star Wars with characters, Skylanders SuperChargers with new characters from Donkey Kong and Browser (available for the Nintendo System). The new video game for the Nintendo 3DS is called Yo-Kai Watch that is interactive and has a watch with small disc you place inside to play. 

Disney Infinity Star Wars, Toy Box, Characters

New Yo-Kai Video Game 

Skylanders SuperCharger & Donkey Kong and Browser

Outdoor toys such as bikes, a child's life size Darth Vader figure, interactive tablets from Vtech, LeapFrog and Kurio Smart. As well as a blast from the past with new dolls from Cabbage Patch Kids that dance and the line for Calliou.

Vtech, Disney, Calliou
Lionel Trains, American Girl, Cabbage Patch Kids, Worry Eater
I like the Worry Eater  above along with the cooking line from American Girl and Lionel Trains featured in the Xmas tree photo above. 

Star Wars
Star Wars The Force Awakens is the new line for the movie.  I love this child's life size Darth Vader and remote control features above. I especially liked the R2D2 with the hologram seen above. 

PieFace, Lego Video Games, Pokemon, Vtech

Here are the video games from Lego. Also the Action Cam from Vtech and the line for Pokemon. 
Zoomer Kitty, Quick Cups, Dream Frenz

In these picture you can see a Quick Cups game, Zoomer Kitty that comes with a remote control. I liked the Dream Frenz, a line that was created by the drawing of her daughter and this mom put her drawing to life.  Dream Frenz have a body that you can take out or hide. 

Theme costume characters from television, video games and movies including Minions, Skylanders and Peppa Pig. Movie and entertainment toys from blockbusters such as Star Wars The Force Awakens, Jurassic World, and Minions. Below you can see the Vtech InnoTab Max, Kurio Smart and Tablet as well as Minions and Minion products galore from Universal.

Vtech, Kurio Smart, All of the Minions Products Showcased
I took a quick picture with Erin, one of the marketing PR brands at the showcase, as well as fellow blogger Francisca of NYMomStyle.

Here is a picture of the products that were given at this year's TTPM Holiday 2015. You can see a mini Cabbage Patch doll that I fell in love with as did my daughter as soon as she saw her.  Chrono Bomb from PlayMonster a fun game that the entire family can play. 

Goody Bag

Like what you saw? Leave me a comment and tell me which toys you liked. You can visit TTPM to check out the Most Wanted Holiday Toys


  1. This is a great holiday showcase for 2015. It was nice to see all the brands and toys. There were so many great toys for the kids.

  2. Oh wow, this is awesome! That's so great you were able to go to this, I'd be thrilled! I'm sure it was a blast. My kids love anything Lego, Star Wars and Barbie. Thanks for sharing this :)

  3. Wow - cool stuff - my kids are grown... but I will be a first time grandmom soon! This is exciting!

  4. Great showcase! My daughter would love the Minnie mouse and the cook line from American girl. Great stuff!!!

  5. This would be so much fun. I went to the Toy Fair in Chicago a few years ago and had a blast. So many new toys coming out and getting to see them is pretty neat. I want the Pie in the Face game.