Wednesday, December 2, 2015

#Review WowWee MiPosaur and REV - Holiday Guide

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What is MiPosaur? 

MiPosaur is a robot dinosaur and can be controlled via the Trackball (Remote) with hand gestures, via an app for iOS or Android, you can play with it or watch it play be itself. MiPosaur's body is black with a strip of gray in the middle and blue.  It has wheels on the bottom of both feet. 

MiPosaur has LED lights on its body. The colors are red for annoyed, orange for excited and blue for curious. The Trackball has an on/off switch and 6 dial mode for food, leash, ball, teddy bear, dance and beatbox.  A different color represents each game mode. 

MiPosaur is for children ages 8 and up. When you open the box you get 1 MiPosaur, one Trackball (remote), and a user manual. The box does not include 4 AA batteries for MiPosaur and 4 AAA batteries for the Trackball. 

Trackball has various activities and games for kids to play. Turning the dial, kids can choose which game or activity MiP will play with them. In leash mode, the trackball becomes a leash that kids can use to guide MiPosaur in the direction they want. In dance mode, kids can shake the Trackball and watch MiPosaur dance and this dino's moves are unlike any one else's.

Ashley playing with dial. Aidan's expression priceless.

My favorite part is that you can take the Trackball and use it just like that a ball that MiPosaur will chase around and play with in your home. Aidan and Ashley enjoyed watching MiPosaur chase and push the ball around the floor. This kept my little ones busy for a while. Both were fascinated by its colors and interactive play. Look at the picture above, Ashley had the Trackball and was playing with the dial. It came alive on Aidan and his surprise expression is priceless.  He took the Trackball away from her quickly to show her how to work Mip. You can download the MiPosaur app to your smartphone and tablet.  

What is REV? 

REV stands for Robotic Enhanced Vehicle. This REV pair’s remote control with interactive app technology. It uses a smartphone and/or tablet that you download an app via iOS or android, you can play with it as an Arena or Campaign. Check here for compatibility with your device.  REV is equipped with BeaconSense™ technology, a proprietary indoor GPS system that enables them to sense their surroundings and navigate accordingly.

REV is for children ages 8 and up. When you open the box you get 2 REV cars, one is red/black and other is white/blue, and a user manual. The box does not include batteries, as each car requires 4 AA batteries. 

My favorite feature is that you do not need a track to play with REV. You can play in any surface of your home and up to 12 players can enter the game. I love that REV comes with 2 vehicles. One for each child, since I have 2, so they can't argue with which one plays first. You can set up one with your smartphone and set the second REV to Autonomous Mode on another smartphone or tablet. Square off against your REV opponent in multiple game modes like Chase and Evade and REV Campaign, but be warned... Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be dangerous

So much fun, as my husband can play with our son on his phone. I can set up the other car on my phone for our daughter. It can be girls against the boys. A fun time had by all.  

For this mom REV is age appropriate for my son Aidan as he is 9 yrs old. For Ashley who is 4 its harder for her.  Its not to say that she cannot play in easier mode.  It is a bit more complex and easier to manage for him.  My daughter is still young and she did enjoy just sitting on the floor and playing with them hand to hand.

Both MiPosaur and REV are in my Holiday Gift Guide and can be on your Christmas list this year. 

You can purchase WowWee MiPosaur and REV at Target, Amazon, Toys R Us and your local retail store.  Stay connected with WowWee on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to get the latest products and promotions. Enter my feature giveaway now to win your very own WowWee MiPosaur.



  1. Talk about a great gift idea for the holidays. Those will provide hours and hours of fun!

  2. This is something my kids would have enjoyed when they were younger. Fun gift idea!

  3. That's the coolest toy! I can totally imagine my husband and myself stealing it from the kids though.

  4. My oldest is almost 8 and he would love this! I have all their shopping done, but will mark it to favorites for the future.

  5. I've seen these dinos at the store and think my kiddo would have a blast with them! I like how the light changes color to show his 'mood.'