Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Blogger Bash Recap with #Tips #BBNYC16

Blogger Bash event has come and gone. Here is my recap of 2016 Blogger Bash. I headed into the city and my first stop was to check in at eSpace and pick up my badge.  I then made my way to the delicious brunch sponsored by Care Bears #shareyourcare.

Laurie Schacht (@thetoyInsidermom) and I
Laurie Schacht (@thetoyInsidermom) kicked off the 2016 Blogger Bash. She introduced the Care Bears Company, who will be celebrating their 35th anniversary in 2017. Care Bears have different types of apps for your tablet and smartphone. I am delighted about the new feature film that will be coming soon. I enjoyed getting an early #ShareYourCare hug and learning more about the Care Bears National Hug Day held annually on September 9th.

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Cantagalo at our table from @realadvicegal, one of the ambassadors this year. She was sweet and helpful. Note all of the team and ambassadors were wearing a Jude Connally dress. Wish I had taken a picture as they were beautiful.

I want to thank Care Bears for the sweet bag we were all given.

An agenda of the day's activities with listed on the Blogger Bash website. There were different activities and I attended the Blogging Concentrated at eSpace. Dan R. Morris and Rachel Marie Martin are the how-to behind Blogging Concentrated. Very insightful and gave you plenty to drive more revenue and understand the role social media plays in your business.

Frances @nymomstyle and I

My blogging friend, Frances (@nymomstyle) and I took a little break to stretch out our legs. We took a stroll of Pier 81’s beautiful views great to take your friends and family. We also took a couple of pictures and the views are breathtaking and behind me is the Intrepid.

We then headed back to the Entenmann's Snack Break. We had drinks and snacks thanks to Entermann’s while we waited for the ride.

What is The Ride?

It's a bus with see-through windows on the top and on its side. It lets you view New York City in a different way than your average MTA bus and lasts 75 minutes. The ride takes you around the city. There are 2 hosts aboard and give your information about NYC. On the Ride you see people waving at you, and of course, you must wave back.  Different points you will see many different characters a rapper, a guy playing the saxophone and a lady singing and most of all the most beautiful ballet performance by Columbus Circle. The experience is unlike any other I have ever had. We even sang karaoke to "New York, New York". It is truly a must do when in #NYC. We even celebrating New Year's Eve with the person in the purple hat and 2016 glasses.

Sweet Suite 2016

This is the biggest night of play. Everyone from the press and bloggers connecting with brands on the hottest new toys and video games for the holiday shopping season. Sweet Suite is hosted by The Toy Insider. There is table after table of your favorite lines of toys from Hasbro, Crayola, Sony, and Entermann's to name a few.

As a blogger, you are given a booklet and map of where everyone will be located, it also includes the agenda. I suggest that you check the blogger bash website so you know what brands will be available on that night. This way you can make a list of the tables that you want to stop by. Why is this important? You have from 4 to 9 p.m. to go from table to table. Timeflies and a plan can gear you to who you must see. There were three floors and each floor showcased a different vendor. I started from the third floor working my way down to the first floor. Good plan for me because everyone was going to the 1st floor while the 3rd floor was somewhat empty and easier to navigate.

My son’s favorite which I had to stop by was the  Activision Skylanders. My son is obsessed with Skylanders. I had the opportunity of seeing the new Skylanders Imaginators video game.  In the photo above I am holding a new figure that was launched for the game. With the new Skylanders Imaginators you can build your very own Skylanders. You can choose what arms,  legs, and body YOU WANT. I know this will definitely be in my son’s Christmas list.

I connected with Kassandra O'Brien from ChizComm. They had a giveaway going on from #Gemmies to guess how many gemmies it took to make her dress. I guessed 5000 but was wrong. My blogging mommy, Frances @nymomstyle, won it.

Blogging buddy Frances @nymomstyle
My next stop was the Super Wings table. My daughter, Ashley, loves everything on the Sprout Channel, Disney Junior, and Nick Jr. I had to stop by the table for Super Wings. I even got a picture with Jet. Each character transforms just like the cartoon.

Pillow Pets Scented

Bachmann Trains


Care Bear Cousins




Breakfast with Kate & Mim Mim

We all enjoyed a breakfast that was sponsored by Kate and Mim Mim. We were introduced to the creators behind the series. It was inspired by one of their children Kate and her toy. This was followed by Babypalozza and the All Day Expo. In between these events, the Bloganthropy awards were given out to those bloggers that use their social media for good.

On the agenda was the Babypalooza. I checked out some of the new products for babies unfortunately, my kids are no longer babies. Great to find out what is the new products that moms love so when I am invited to a baby shower it will be easier to gift. I even got to do a challenge for Butt Paste company . I had to change the baby's diaper.

The New Product Event presented this Expo. This showcased companies that included Back to School items. Adam & Eve stores have an array of items such as oils, lingerie and more. I took pictures below of some of the companies that I talked and connected with. Each brands PR had a demonstration of their products and I obtained information about these items. Ripe Olives below tasted sweet and not salty. I have to check out there website to locate them in my area.

Office Depot Back to School

Adam & Eve

Triple Flip
Lick Your Plate, Recipe Book by Julie Albert & Lisa Gnat

Lick Your Plate, Recipe Book by Julie Albert & Lisa Gnat Page 72 Yummy

Kohler for Home and Chocolates

Coffee Pod that are compostable 


Fasta Pasta
Coobie Seamles Bras

Ripe Olive




Drink in the Box

Drink in the Box Accessories


Double Pie Face

Master Lock

Peanuts Keynote Lunch

Thank you to the Peanuts Company for this Sweet Bag given to all. 

Laurie Schacht & Ginger Zee

I went to the Peanuts Keynote Lunch and had a delicious pasta. We heard from some of the voice actors for the brand new animated peanuts cartoons on the Boomerang and Cartoon Channel. The lunch was moderated by Good Morning America Ginger Zee. She later discussed motherhood and its challenges.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi & Jenni "Jwoww" Farley

Next, we heard from Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Jenni "JWoww" Farley who also discussed motherhood. Nicole touched upon not reviewing everything that is given to her if it's not a good fit. She said she would not review X brand as it is not relatable to her but will review X brand as it has to do with fitness and she can relate to that.

I had a wedding rehearsal and could not stay until the end. I had a wonderful time at Blogger Bash 2016. I did have an issue with my vertigo acting up since we were on the Majesty's yacht and the ship was swaying back and forth. We were given sea-bands but I did feel it and was a little dizzy. I had a fantastic experience connecting with bloggers and brands. I especially loved TheRide, which I've heard of before, and finally was able to experience it for myself.

All of the wonderful companies featured here can be checked out at The Toy Insider for more information. You can visit BloggerBash.com for more information.

Thank you to the team and staff @theToyInsider and Laurie Schacht @thetoyinsidermom for a wonderful event. I additionally want to that all of the sponsors for the samples received.

I would love to attend next year's #BBNYC17, and pass along some tips for those attending this event and/or other events

Tips for attending this event and/or others:

Do not forget to bring your business cards.
- You will be meeting brands that you want to connect and give to them so they too can connect with you. How will they contact you if you forget them? It is a MUST HAVE. Remember your card must include your name, website/blog name, and an email address.

Do not forget to bring extra batteries for your camera and/or memory card.
- You do not want your camera to die in the middle of taking pictures. How will you be able to post your photos of the different products with no camera? Or even better what if you run out of space on your memory card. Make sure your memory card has enough storage as you will be taking many photos.

Do not forget to bring a portable phone charger for your smartphone.
- If you are using your phone to take photos and then it dies. What will you take those photos without your smartphone? Important to invest in a portable phone charger. There were some at the yacht but they might not be compatible with your phone. I have an old iPhone 4s and they did not have my charger. Thank goodness I had my backup portable charger. It really helped me out for those giveaway pictures that I posted to Twitter and Instagram.

Do not forget to bring comfortable shoes.
- you will be doing a great deal of walking. Wear shoes that are breathable, comfortable and not tight. I would not wear high heels to this event.


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