Friday, August 5, 2016

7 #Tips on Attending Brand Events

I am sharing #tips with you after attending a couple of events.  I decided to write a post about it after being posed questions about what to expect. 

Hi, bloggers! You have received an invitation to assist an event. You are delighted at the opportunity to attend.  Remember you are being presented with new products that you will learn about. You will meet the public relations (PR) representative (Rep(s)) at these events. First impressions are everything. The PR Rep will be providing you with detailed information for you to share with your readers.  Take the time to learn and ask questions. Below are my top 7 #tips on Attending Brand Events.

1. Do not forget to bring your business cards.
- You will be meeting brands that you want to connect and give to them so they too can connect with you. How will they contact you if you forget them? It is a MUST HAVE. Remember your card must include your name, website/blog name, and an email address.

2. Do not forget to bring extra batteries for your camera and/or memory card.
- You do not want your camera to die in the middle of taking pictures. How will you be able to post your photos of the different products with no camera? Or even better what if you run out of space on your memory card. Make sure your memory card has enough storage as you will be taking many photos.

3. Do not forget to bring a portable phone charger for your smartphone.
- If you are using your phone to take photos and then it dies. What will you take those photos without your smartphone? Important to invest in a portable phone charger. There were some at the yacht but they might not be compatible with your phone. I have an old iPhone 4s and they did not have my charger. Thank goodness I had my backup portable charger. It really helped me out for those giveaway pictures that I posted to Twitter and Instagram.

4. Do not forget to bring comfortable shoes.
- You will be doing a great deal of walking. Wear shoes that are breathable, comfortable and not tight. I would not wear high heels to this event.

5. Do not arrive late or bring anyone else with you without being invited.
-You don't know what delays you will have that day. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. Do not bring anyone else with you unless you received approval. For example, if the invitation is for a toy event and your children assist you in the review, then you can ask for a guest pass. Usually, the PR Rep will ask you in advance if you have children and they can attend. Space is limited and you are pushing yourself at not being invited again.

6. Make a list & Plan Ahead.
-Make a list of everything that you will be bringing with you. By now, you have picked out your outfit. Make sure you have a backup one just in case the first gets dirty. Usually, the invitation will tell you if it is dressy or casual. If you do not know, send them an email. Remember always make a good first impression.

7. Research the brand.
-Do your homework and research the brand that will be at the event. This will get you better prepared and give you a step up from other bloggers. You will have well thought out questions and engagements. The PR Reps will remember you and this can open you up for more opportunities.

Remember have fun and mingle. You will have time to catch up with other bloggers. Remember to connect with PR Reps and tell them what type of blog you have and that you attend brand and/or sponsored events. This will put your name on their blogger list. Which will, in turn, send you an invitation and collaborations for other opportunities. That is key in building your site. Now, let me know if you have other #tips you would like to add that has been helpful to you.


  1. These are all great tips and I still find that there are some that don't follow them, and they seem to be the same ones. I always prepare extra everything, probably why my bag is so big.

  2. I got to attend an event at the White House as a PR event and I made the huge mistake of not bringing my business cards! It was the best place to pass them out too! Biggest rookie mistake haha

  3. Some really lovely tips, I always research the brand and also carry extra battery and chargers

  4. These are great tips!! I am going to my first out of town blog conference in October and can't wait for it!

  5. These are all great tips! I have been to a few and wish I had remember some of these things!

  6. These are all great tips, I have only attended one conference for blogging and it was such a blast. I was representing Ovaltine there.

  7. Comfortable shoes are so important. Once I wore some cute shoes that hadn't been broken in yet to an event like this. It was a mistake.

  8. These are great tips for preparing for and attending brand events. It's so important to do one's research beforehand and be ready to network with others.

  9. These are good points! I know I benefit from having a plan beforehand and knowing about the brand always helps.

  10. These are some great tips and for me the most important one would be bring some extra batteries so I can document everything and post it up later for a blog post! lol =)

  11. In 9 years of Blogging I still have yet to attend a Brand Event. I never really thought it was needed. However I feel like maybe I will attend one this year. Even if to meet new friends.

  12. As someone who is heavily ensconced in the pet blogging world, these are fab tips. You always want to bring your best attitude, too. The business card tip is spot on!

  13. What great tips! I have never attended one but I will keep this in mind for the future.

  14. Attending brand events sounds interesting. I have been blogging for almost 10 years but I still have yet to attend.