Saturday, August 13, 2016

Back to School with Speck

With back to school approaching, your children will get their homework list where they have to look something up on online. With kids, you do not want to give them your phone, laptop or tablet without having some type of protection on it.  

I have teamed up with Speck for this Back to School Guide.  I discovered Speck while shopping at Marshall's.  I was browsing the phone case display looking for a hardcover for my iPhone. I saw a case and purchased it.  With a little one, you usually give them your phone or tablet to keep them occupied for a bit. Your tablet gets a beating as it falls on the floor a lot. 

Speck makes protective cases for smartphones, laptops, tablets, watches and backpacks. Speck has designed these protective cases to make an impact and take one.  I received the iGuy iPad Mini 4 case in red.  The other colors available are lime green and grape purple.

Speck’s iGuy designed for children to protect your tabletiGuy is made for the iPad and iPad Mini. It is specifically made for little children's hands. It has a big handle that your child can hold and carry.

What makes this especially for children?  This iGuy iPad Mini can stand on his own for tabletop viewing the whole family can enjoy. The iGuy is made up of flexible foam. It is perfect for small hands and not-so-gentle drops. The PVC-free construction is durable yet lightweight, and all around safe for kids.

My daughter has been using her grandmother’s iPad Mini. She has a protection case on it, but it is not Speck.  Ashley likes to lay on the floor to watch her cartoons on it. This case does not stand up. She usually leans it against the sofa or uses a rock to make it stand. That has changed because now she has iGuy.

I love iGuy because it is durable. It's easy for my five-year-old to hold it and carry it with her around the apartment or in the car. You can use your headphones, plug it into the charger, or use the iPad Mini's camera without having to take the case off.

The iGuy is awesome and very kid friendly for your iPad. It's sturdy and built especially for kids. iGuy retails for $29.95 and the iPad version retails for $39.95.


Did you know that Speck also makes backpack? Yes, they do. I received the Deck Bag Backpack in white and black. Some information about the Deck Bag Backpack:

  • Deck is a durable laptop backpack that can carry and protect a laptop up to 15 inches, with plenty space for all of your gear.
  • Two main compartments can hold a camera, notebooks, headphones, and more. A padded laptop sleeve holds your laptop securely and suspends it off the bottom of the bag for added protection.
  • An interior organization pocket has several sections and a zippered pouch to hold memory cards, battery packs, keys, and other small items. There’s a soft fabric-lined sleeve too to secure and protect a tablet or e-reader. 
  • Front side stash pocket provides quick access for phone, cables, and other flat items. The spacious soft fabric-lined front pocket protects headphones, camera, smartphone or sunglasses from scratches.

I love the inside of this backpack.  It has pockets for my phone charger, portable charger and more.  This is the perfect backpack that I can carry to events that will hold all of my stuff. A pocket to keep everything in its place.

You can purchase the iGuy and Deck Bag BackPack at Speck and connect with them on social media:

Come back August 17, 2016 to win your own iGuy.



  1. These little cases are very cute. If I didn't already have one for my kids' minis I would give this a try. The backpack looks great also.

  2. Easy To Hold Onto & Protects Love It!!I So Need To Get These For My Girls They Are So Clumsy!! Great Backpack Too!!

  3. This looks like a great accessory for the iPad. I recently got an iPad and my kids love to use it. This sounds like something I should look into getting!

  4. I've been on the hunt for one of these things!! I cringe everytime the kid's use our electronics, because of fear of breaking them. This is genius! Will have to get some stat! Thanks!

  5. We have the Speck iPad case and it has saved it so many times! I would have a shattered screen by now if it wasn't for the awesome protection.

  6. We love our Speck backpack. It is so stylish, a great color and holds my sons laptop perfectly!

  7. The Speck iGuy is great to keep tablets safe. I love the handles for the kids. I didn't know Speck makes backpacks. I love the color of your backpack. Thanks for sharing the information.

  8. Omg my daughter use to have this same exact case... Only in pink! Definetly one awesome case!

  9. Speck has a lot of amazing products for our gadgets which is awesome. I'm glad you found the right case for your daughter! I'm sure it's perfect for her needs.

  10. Wow we don't have a school that allows you to bring electronics there, but this bag would be cool for traveling with kiddos for sure. Anywhere we travel that is over an hour drive they get to bring the tablet along. I love the idea of having something like this ... super cute!

  11. I like the idea of using a good case like Speck on a tablet. My youngest has a kindle fire though.

  12. What a great case. I love the handles for those little hands to hold. Great concept and design.

  13. That's a really great idea. Kids can be a little clumsy with a tablet or a cell phone. Cases that protect them are a great thing. Glad to see someone has caught on to the idea to make them for tablets too.

  14. I actually saw this case at Marshall's too. I liked the concept and I almost bought one for my niece. I'm going to go back and hopefully it's still there.

  15. Very neat! My four-year-old is always getting her hands on someone's tablet in the house and we've had quite a few close calls. This is a great gadget to help prevent that.