Monday, January 30, 2017

Wedding DIY Ideas For Brides On A Budget - Centerpieces

You are getting married! Yay. Now comes the part when you have to decide what kind of wedding you want. Do you want it elegant, rustics, or simple? 

Nowadays, brides pick a budget and stick to it.  Some decide to go with whatever decorations the reception hall has and others decide they want to put their own personal touch.  You can create your own centerpieces for your big day.  That are cost effective and will not break your bank. 

You can DIY (DO IT YOURSELF). Create a beautiful centerpiece for your reception. Once you have a theme and colors picked out you can get to work. 
I am getting married this June and decided to do my own centerpieces. My theme is simple black/white elegance and additional colors are Silver and Pastel Pink.  Those are my favorite colors.  As I was searching for wedding decorations, I stumbled upon Oriental Trading. 

Oriental Trading carries many items for weddings, parties, graduations, crafts and more. I knew I wanted to have a vase in the middle of my tables with my colors.  I also wanted to incorporate lots of bling.  I love things that are shiny and sparkle.

I collaborated with Oriental Trading for my centerpieces.  I ordered the Square Vase.  The quality of this vase is not flimsy.  The glass vase is tall and the bottom is substantial so it will not tip over when filled with flowers. Now comes the fun part. How I dressed it up to reflect my style.

I have created several DIY ideas for centerpieces. All of them are easy to make and you can add your own twist to them. Below are the items that you will need.


  1. Square Vase
  2. Candle holder 2-sets
  3. Long-Stem Glass Tealight Candleholders- 3 set
  4. Glass Candle stick -1 
  5. Round bowl -1 
  6. Ribbon -
  7. Rhinestone/Bling (ribbon or metal bracelet)
  8. Crazy glue or E6000 glue
  9. Double-sided tape
  10. Glue gun
  11. Glue sticks
  12. Measuring tape
  13. Clear Plastic Pearl Water Beads
  14. Scissors
  15. Submersible White LED Candles
  16. Flowers (real or fake)
  17. Square glass mirror plate


Step 1

Clean vase with soap and water and wipe dry.
Place Candle Holder upside down and another right side up. Crazy glue both bottom to each other. Alternative double-sided tape to the bottom of each other.

Step 2

Measure and cut your ribbon for your vase. Next, cut strips of the double-sided tape and place on your vase.  

Measure and cut your ribbon for the candle holder. Next, take your glue gun and hot glue ribbon to the candle holder wrapping it around. The alternative, use double-sided tape to the metal where you see the opening.

Step 3

Place your ribbon over the tape until it is wrapped around the vase and candle holder smooth the ribbon edges down with fingers.

Step 4

Place the white LED candle turned on into the vase at the center bottom of it.

Place one white LED candle turned on to the bottom of the candle holder on the square mirror plate and another one on top of the candle holder.

Step 5

Place the flowers into the vase. Next spread the flowers and baby breaths or leaves for a natural look. 

Place a rose ball onto the top of the candle holder.

Step 6

Pour the water beads into the vase little by little.  Rearrange the white LED candle inside if it shifts. Place the vase on top of the square mirror plate.

Step 7

For the 3 Long Stem Tealights you can place a bow on one stem, next you can wrap a ribbon around the top part of the tealight with double sided tape. Lastly, you can place double sided tape and place the rhinestone bracelet around the top. Alternatively, you can use the rhinestone ribbon.  Here you can make it to your taste in style.  There is no wrong way. 

Step 8

Take your round bowl and clean it.  Next, take your candle stick and measure your rhinestone ribbon and wrap it around the mid-section.  Next you can add crazy glue or E6000 glue to adhere the bottom of the bowl to the top of the candle stick. Alternatively, you can use double sided tape.  You can leave it as it is and place a rose inside and LED light.  Or you can add the glass gems to the outer bowl. As shown in the video above and photos.  Let it dry then place on candle stick on top and glue it in place. You can finalize it with a flower and LED light inside.

Bonus:  If you want to add color, use mod podge and food dye color and mix together. Then you can chose which glass gems to color and let it dry.  You can also add glitter. Next, take the mod podge spray to seal it in. This design is simple to do.

Step 9

Lastly, place onto your reception tables that has been decorated with your unique style. Stand back and admire your work. 

For more wedding supplies visit Oriental Trading

The above setting is at my venue.  It is a sample of what my table will look like.  I will not be using the brown paper and am still on the look out for a table runner that matches my colors.  I will be adding the black and white tea light sets as accents and a few other things to the table. I will be posting the final table design in June. 


  1. I host lots of parties and I usually DIY the centerpieces. When it came to planning my three daughters weddings, I just wanted to enjoy the wedding without all the work, so I had a florist do it all. These are all great ideas for DIY centerpieces.

  2. I tend to host at least one big party every year and I always try to make my own centerpieces. It's a great way to save some money.

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  4. You did a gorgeous job! I love DIY projects and this is a great way to save money!

  5. I got married 8 years ago, and we saved a lot by doing DIY flowers. Although the centerpieces were provided for us, we made all of our bouquets and I got to keep them forever!

  6. We made all the center pieces for our daughters wedding and saved a ton of money. Afterwards we even sold the vases and some other stuff so it was a win win.

  7. Cute! I'm currently planning my reception. I haven't even researched what I even want as a centerpiece yet.

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  22. These are great ideas for brides to make their own decorations. I did a bunch of DIYs for my wedding. It was a lot of fun personalizing the details.

  23. I am SO glad my wedding days are over haha! IT truly does take a lot of planning. Oriental Trading was used for our wedding and it made our costs go way down.

  24. These centerpiece ideas are so pretty and came out lovely. Oriental Trading has really nice things.

  25. DIY is a great way to stick on a budget but still have an elegant and personal touch to your wedding. I really like your centerpieces, especially the one with a pink flower in the candle holder.

    1. Anita QueensNYCMomFebruary 2, 2017 at 6:15 PM

      Thanks. This was really a fun post to do and help others.

  26. These centerpieces are beautiful! Thank you for sharing these. I got some great ideas for an upcoming part from your post.

    1. Anita QueensNYCMomFebruary 2, 2017 at 6:14 PM

      Happy this post has helped you out. Please share it with your friends and family.

  27. This is perfect for those who are getting married. Practical tips that would save a lot of money. Will definitely share this to my friends who are soon to wed!

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