Sunday, May 28, 2017

Wedding DIY Ideas For Brides on a Budget ~ Table Decor

Once you have chosen a wedding theme everything else falls into place. Especially the decor for your big day. Window shopping and Pinterest are your best friend as it gives you a ton of ideas.  Take those ideas you see and incorporate them. This is where the fun part begins.

I was at Target a couple of months ago and came upon a chalkboard easel in the target spot. It was plain and I knew how I wanted to decorate it and use it for the guest table. I used the following supplies:

1.          Silver spray paint
2.          Black spray paint
3.          Small paintbrush
4.          Mod Podge 
5.          Silver glitter 
6.          Chalkboard black paint
7.          Newspaper and/or cardboard
8.          Ribbon 
9.          Scissors
10.                Tape 

I placed newspaper on it and spread it around to cover the board with tape and my floors.  Next, I placed it on a cardboard and surrounded it with newspaper.  The cardboard helped me by turning it around. I spray painted the legs and top silver and let it dry overnight.

The next day, I took a small paint brush and brushed on mod podge on the front wooden easel and top. I then sprinkled silver glitter on it and let it dry. 

Once I peeled the newspaper off, I noticed the front chalkboard needed a touch-up. I took a sponge brush and lightly brushed on black chalkboard paint to it.  

Now I have a chalkboard easel for my welcome table that will say guest sign in and the other for my favors table.  

I next was shopping at the Dollar Tree and saw a welcome sign.  I knew how I could redo it in my color theme.  I took off the red ribbon.

Next, I placed it on a cardboard and spray painted them black. I let it dry overnight. 

The next day I used a small paintbrush and mod podge.  I brushed over the letters with the mod podge to adhere the silver glitter. 

Once the hearts were dry I got my ribbon and cut it in 2.5 inches each and glued them to the back. I wanted them spaced out horizontally. Once it was dry I flipped them face forward.  I love how it turned out.  

I will be placing this welcome sign on my guest table.  I will be sharing photos on social media so you can see how it all turned out. 



  1. That chalkboard is a great idea. It came out super cute and what a fun thing to have out for the guests.

  2. Your diy project came out perfect. I love how personal it is

  3. The chalkboard is a fun idea! I've noticed Target has a lot of great items in their One Spot - so perfect for events and weddings!

  4. We spent less than $1000 on our entire wedding. I would much rather use that money for other things than spending it on a single party.

  5. The chalkboard easel was such a good idea. Things like that are perfect for weddings or even baby showers!

  6. Great idea. Your chalkboard easel turned out lovely! I think this would be great to use as a decor for any party, not just for wedding receptions.

  7. Weddings and receptions can be so expensive! I think doing as much thrifty spending for wedding decor is really good because it will save the bride, groom, and their families a lot of money. I love your wedding DIY ideas for brides/grooms on a budget!

  8. These DIY ideas are so cute! That's perfect for brides trying to save money. If I ever get married I would do a lot of my own diys.

  9. Cute ideas! Thanks for sharing this with us at the Home Matters Link Party, hope to see you again next week:) #HomeMattersParty