Sunday, October 29, 2017

Osmo This Year's Hot Holiday Gift #PlayOsmo #HGG

At this year's TTPM event I had the opportunity to see Osmo system in action.  I was drawn to it.  Osmo works with your iPad or iPhone with a camera. For now, Osmo does not work with Android-based phone/tablets. As many of you know, my daughter is on the spectrum.  I look for toys and games that will benefit her.  I love the vibrant colors and ease of use on the iPad. 

My daughter is in the 1st grade, currently learning her words and numbers.  She is doing simple adding and subtracting on the iPad at school and learning to spell words. Osmo apps on numbers and words are right on target with what she is learning in school.  Let face it our kids live in the new norm for technology.  

I picked this product for my Hot Holiday Gift Guide.  I received the Genius Kit. This kit is for age 5-12 and retails $99.  The kit comes with the Osmo base, stackable storage boxes that contain 52 letter tiles, 40 number, and 7 tangram tiles. It has a carrying bag for the base. There are no pieces needed for the Newton and Masterpiece apps. 

You simply place your iPad on the base.  Next, place the red reflector on the iPad's camera.  There is a mirror inside which can see the tiles. You download the Tangrams, Words, and Numbers, Newton, and Masterpiece app to the iPad and/or iPhone.


You simply arrange the wooden puzzle pieces to match what you see on the screen.  It starts at easy and goes up to challenge you. 


You can count and add the tiles to match the numbers in the bubbles.  You pop the bubbles that release the fish.  


You will have a picture flash with a missing letter or word that you need to spell.  You find the letters to complete. You can team up with your family and compete against each other. 


You pick an image on the iPad and draw it. Masterpiece will make it easy to follow and draw it line by line.


You place an object in front of the screen. You manipulate it to guide the falling balls into the targets.  Creative engineering at its best. 

Osmo has won many awards and is used in many schools. Besides the Genius Kit, they also have a Wonder Kit and Explorer Kit. You can purchase the iPad and iPhone base and Coding Jam, Hot Wheels MindRacer games and others online and in stores.  With many choices, it will be hard to choose which one you will get for Christmas.  

You can purchase 
Osmo online and at stores. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest for more innovative games and information.



  1. Yout article is good kak, very inspiring for me

  2. I am all about educational toys for my kids. Osmo really does sound and look great for that age group!

  3. I love educational toys for Christmas like this! I am going to have to check them out.

  4. This looks awesome. It is so important to have educational toys. How neat is this?

  5. What a wonderful way to combine technology and hands on learning! The Osmo system is a holiday gift that both parents and kids can smile about for sure.

  6. My son would really enjoy this. Now, I just need to decide if it'll be a birthday or a Christmas gift.

  7. Cool! As soon as my grandchildren are old enough, I will be getting them the Osmo Genius Kit. I am a spoiling grandma, and as long as the toys are educational, focusing on STEM learning, then I am all ready to whip out my purse!

  8. What a fun gift! My daughter recently started to get interesting in shapes and colors!